Charlestons Best Piercers


 Laura Wolter 



APP Member

 Piercing for over 20 years, I am in and out of both locations. Piercing mostly out of the Sam Rittenburg location, You may call the studio for my hours on the piercing schedule. If you have non-piercing related issues you may reach me at


 Michael Bernhardt 

General Manager and Owner

 Head Piercer ​

APP Member 

Michael is our all around go-to guy, especially for the tricky stuff. He  has been Piercing for over 20 years and has been with our studio for over 10 years. Michael has an all business attitude. don't let that (or his love of loud music) scare you. He is a fantastic piercer and all around great guy.   


 Janelle Love 


Assistant Manager

 Jewelry Buyer 

Custom What? She will show you all the things you didn't even know you needed until she custom designs it for you. Our bubbly ambassador is moving fast in the ranks of the body modification world. She finished her apprenticeship in our world class studio under highly skilled, world class piercers. Versed in the standards set forth by the APP, she will be joining her associates at the studio as a business member soon! 


Jenn Labbe


Jen is the newest member to our team. She is fromTexas and currently is working towards her APP membership.  She has five years experience under her belt body piercing and is very knowledgeable about our fine jewelry.  She has great taste and can help you pick out something truly special for you.  Check her out at either location.



Brian Gillespie

Apprentice Piercer
Sales Associate 
Jewelry Buyer

Brian is currently apprenticing under our world class piercers in our world class studios. Hungry for knowledge and working towards APP membership he is also training to be a Buyer. He is sure to make his mark in this industry.  Brian has been moving through his apprenticeship wonderfully, feel free to chat him up on it. His pretty face can be found at the studios holding it down when things get hectic.